Girls’  Progressive:

Our progressive classes are instructional gymnastics classes aimed at teaching skills, and building strength, flexibility and coordination. Each gymnast will progress at an individual pace by working skills and drills appropriate for their skill level. The instructors teach gymnastics skills as well as listening, taking turns, setting goals, and sportsmanship. Gymnasts will progress through levels by keeping track of every skill achieved on a poster at home while the instructors track the progress of each gymnast before and after every class.  Girls are in separate classes with four beginner levels and four advanced levels.

Gymnasts in the advanced level are eligible to be evaluated for an invitation to our Xcel team in the spring. By meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles in the sport of gymnastics, your child will gain self-confidence that will carry over to every other aspect of her life.

Developmental Class Payment Information

Progressive (65 minute class) – $221 per 8-Week Session

Advanced Progressive (95 minute class) – $255 per 8-Week Session

$50 Family Registration Fee due once a year, per family

St. Louis Gym Centre

St.Louis Gym Centre