Prospective colleges, please take a look at our following gymnasts. Check their YouTube pages. If you would like any additional information, please contact us at 314-968-9494.

  • Class of 2021

*Lily BodnarWomen’s JO- Level 10

*AnnMarie KueblerWomen’s JO- Level 10

*Molly RickeyWomen’s JO- Level 10

Follow Molly on Instagram @molly.rickey2021

*Hannah ShelbyWomen’s JO-Level 10

Follow Hannah on Instagram @hannahshelby.2021

  • Class of 2022

*Casey PoddingWomen’s JO- Level 10

  • Class of 2023

*Alex GrapsasMen’s JO- Level 10

  • Class of 2024

*Carly BuschWomen’s JO- Level 10

  • Follow Carly on Instagram @carly.busch2024

St. Louis Gym Centre

St.Louis Gym Centre