4/20: Snap a picture of yourself holding a superman position in a super hero costume!


 4/21: Do 3 Bridges and count to 10 each time

 4/22: How long can you hold a plank?

 4/23: Hold your favorite stuffed animal over your head and do 5 safety rolls

4/24: Read your favorite book sitting in a straddle stretch.

 4/25: Teach someone in your home to stretch for gymnastics.

4/26: How many jumping jacks can you do before you get tired?

4/27: Hold each split for 20 seconds.

4/28: Balance a stuffed animal on your head while walking around your home

4/29: Try a teeter totter with oven mitts over your ears, squeeze those arms against your ears. Try 5!

4/30: Try this: Pivot turn, Pivot turn, Scale (all while holding a toilet paper roll on your head)

5/1: Leap over an object/obstacle in your yard

5/2: Bridge up and wave with each hand and each foot.

5/3: Show us your handstand against the wall. Hold it long enough to say your first,middle , and last name.

5/4: Make a hopscotch with chalk and show us your moves. How fast can you go?

5/5: How many pull-ups can you do on your table?

5/6: Teach someone in your house how to do a lunge,finish. Don’t forget the diamond; TaDa!

5/7: Show us your best Cartwheel!

5/8: Show us your V-sit hold! How long can you hold it with tight legs? Can you stand up without using your hands?

5/9: Try 10 Teeter Totters holding your favorite stuffed animal over your head!

5/11: Teach someone in your house your 3 favorite walks on beam,practice them on a line!

5/12: How long can you hold your arabesque? Try it with a stuffed animal on your head!

5/13: How many Sit-Ups can you do?

5/14: Sit back to back with someone in your house, hook your arms together at the elbow and try to stand up!

5/15: Can you hold your Superman position long enough to sing your ABC’s? Can you hold it longer?

5/16: Can you do a hollow body hold? How long can you hold it?

5/17: How many calf-raises can you do?

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