St. Louis Gym Centre is the oldest private gymnastic club in St. Louis, established in 1973 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The 21,000 square foot training center provides instruction for approximately 1200 gymnastic students each week.

SLGC, located in the heart of Webster Groves, is at the center of gymnastics activity in the St. Louis area. From recreational classes to competitive teams we have a wide selection of offerings for all ages and skill levels. During the summer months and through the winter break we offer a variety of camps and we are always a fun place to host your child’s birthday party.

Fun is more than meets the eye…

One of the objectives of SLGC is FUN!! Of course, this is cool with the kids but parents sometimes fail to realize the importance of fun in a learning setting. People often feel that when fun is present, learning is not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why is fun so important? Well-adjusted learners form an early and life-long subconscious association defining any attempt to learn something new:

Challenge = risk = learning = fun!!

Ok…now that you know a little more about the goals and substance of SLGC, we have a favor to ask you….PLEASE just don’t tell the kids; they think SLGC is just PURE FUN!!!

SLGC’s Mission:

(a)  For the promotion of men’s, women’s and children’s gymnastics and movement education in the St. Louis, Missouri area;

(b)  To promote competition among other gymnastics groups;

(c)  To encourage and promote the appreciation and understanding of gymnastics and movement education.

(d)  To promote and support the work of gymnastics schools.

(e)  To be benevolent and charitable to community needs of fellow citizens regardless of race, creed, sex, color, religion, age, national origin or sexual orientation, and to participate and support charitable and civic programs of the community.

We offer services so that children of all abilities are able to learn and enjoy gymnastics and movement education.  One of the ways we do that is to work with each family and child’s ability level to find the proper placement for that child to be able to succeed.

St. Louis Gym Centre

St.Louis Gym Centre