Our Strength and Flexibility program at St. Louis Gym Centre was created to give children the opportunity to improve overall body fitness with a professional instructor utilizing gymnastics apparatuses. Whether your child needs a supplementary class for another sport, or just wants to improve their overall strength and fitness, the instructor will cater the workouts to meet your child’s fitness goals. In this class, children will increase their heart rate, burn calories, increase strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, speed, agility, and endurance while having fun and accomplishing goals!

2021-2022 Calendar of Sessions:

Session 1: TBD

Session 2TBD

Session 3TBD

Session 4: TBD

Payment Information

(65 Minute Class)

Strength Class (Boys & Girls, Ages 10 & up) – $209 per 8 Week Session

$50 Family Registration Fee due once per year, per family

St. Louis Gym Centre

St.Louis Gym Centre